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Brianna McFarland

Hey friends! Welcome to my page! My art is influenced by my surroundings - the beautiful wildlife, amazing geology, and spectacular landscapes of Wyoming and the American West. I hope my love for these things is evident in my work, and I hope my joy in creating these pieces also brings joy to those viewing and interacting with them. Below is a bit about my history and how I started on this artistic journey.

I was raised in the Black Hills of South Dakota. I had a great childhood exploring our ranch with my brother - being "free range" kids before that was even a thing. As a child I loved roaming around, riding bikes, and drawing. My whole family fostered creativity and individuality. My grandma, who was an artist herself, really encouraged my artistic development. Not only was she supportive, but she also gave amazing critiques and helped me grow and develop as an artist.

I attended the University of Wyoming (Go Pokes!), where I received a BA in Art and a BS in Finance before moving to Casper, Wyoming with my soon to-be-husband. For a few years after college I worked in banking, but it never sparked much joy in my life. After creating two beautiful children, I realized that life was too short not to spend more time with them and too short not to do something I was passionate about. My kiddos keep me pretty busy, but I have always been a person who needs a creative outlet. I started assisting people with small interior design projects, and in doing that, I began creating custom artwork for their spaces. The more I explored and played around with new mediums, the more I fell back in love with art. So after a 10-year hiatus, I've been back at it since 2018! I am so fortunate to have two amazing careers that truly fulfill me - being a mom and an artist!

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About: Pro Gallery
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